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Indian street acrobats in Katmandu
This is a story of family of rope-walkers travelled to Nepal from India. In India they live in a village where about 30 families are Nat. Nat is a caste of rope-walkers and acrobats. For ten months every year they travelled throughout India and Nepal to make their 10 minutes shows in each and every suitable place. Dad, mom and two daughters - 8 and 3 years old. Mom plays drums, dad explains the show, elder girl walks on rope. In Kathmandu they live under self-made tent in illegal favelas by sacred Vishnumati river shore. It is sacred but isn't clear. Because Nepalis put into the water human remains after cremation at Pasuputinath Temple. Hygienically, this is one of the worst places one can imagine. There is one more acrobate family travel with them. They have son of 1 year old. Too young to walk on rope. So this family rented neighbor boy fof 8 years old for $5 a month. The boy shows acrobate tricks on the ground. In 10 months his parents will get their son back plus $60. Father- (27), mother - Fulbasan Nat (25), daughters Kajel (10) and Muskan (3 y 2 m). The rented boy - Gopal. They are from village Nim near Raipur, state Chhattisgarh.













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