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About Mega and Pancha

This is the story on two lilliputians – Mega and Pancha. They work as
keepers of huge prayer wheels in Bodnath – main Buddhist stupa in
Katmadu. Their duty is to keep the prayer wheels room clean. For this
their master give them 145 rupees ( 2 US dollars) a weeks for food.
The rest for living – is a money Boddnath visitors can give to
dwarves. And they need money to rent room, to commute, to help their
families in villages, etc. To drink some Nepalese hot beer in the
evening, at last. These men – 47 and 24 years old – are from distant
neighbor villages in Himalayas. From their villages one can see
Everest. But their live and work in dusty Katmandu.













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