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St.-Petersburg. Wells.
St. Petersburg has gone through some waves of a building fever. In conditions of dearness of the ground land owners tried to receive as much as possible the profit from the sites. So there was a characteristic Petersburg style of building - the house in the form to a penalty, a magnificent facade and both narrow and high court yard - "well" where there were windows of office accommodations and apartments for poor. Heroes of Dostoyevsky lived and operated in such "wells". Petersburgers, valuing each sunny day of short northern summer with approach of heat take out their children and old men for city - at the majority more or less well-to-do families there are modest country houses - "dachas". In “wells” there are only those old men and children which poor families there is no place to run from heat and dust. These people years live not seeing the sun which beams never reach a bottom of "well".













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