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Aleksey, Olya and Sasha hand over the bottles that they have found in the public garden near Moscow’s railway station. Aleksey was born in a remote village, 100 kilometers away from St.Petersburg. When he was 3-year-old, his father had killed his mother during a drunken brawl. His father was sentenced to ten years and then he was convicted of robbery. Alecsey had lived with semi-blind grandmother for 12 years. Then he left for the town, because they could not live together on a small granny’s pension. He goes to the village twice a year – plants potatoes and gathers potatoes. He does not graduate a secondary school (only 6 grades in a country school). Aleksey waits for call-up for active military service in the hope of getting a profession there. 15-year-old Olya is “the talk of the town” for the social workers. Her mother is a chronic alcoholic. Father lives with another women. He has two children in the new family. Olya says that he takes gentle care of children in the new family. Marat street, where the homeless children dwell, is near Moscow’s railway station, because of that Olya often meets her father, who goes for his dacha. She says that they coldly greet one another only. Olya was put in a shelter for homeless children many times, but every time she leaves for outside, explaining that she can’t live without sex. 10-year-old Sasha is youngest child of the group. He is only child who lives at home. His parents are alcoholics. They live in one of rooms in a vast communal flat. Sasha does not go to school. He says that he could read but he has forgotten how to do it.  
Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
Date: 2000-11

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